Summer camp is a great opportunity to explore new things or dive deep into areas we love. It is one of the most rewarding, unforgettable experiences in our life.

Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing provides an exemplary opportunity for the students to embrace the Summer Season by conducting Summer Camp each year with its wide array of activities to boost and energise the students. This year a 10 days Summer Camp wasorganisedwhich commencedon 13th May 2019 for students of Classes I to VIII. The camp wasorganised in different venues within the school premises. A total of 536 students had enrolled for the Summer Camp.

In addition to great friendships and enduring memories, many important life skills were learnt at the camp. The activities of fered were: Yoga, Zumba, Swimming, Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Music (instrumental), Band, Arts and Crafts, Mehendi Art, Personality Development, Dramatics, Pottery, Cooking without Fire, Computers, Martial Arts, Carom, Table Tennis and Chess.

The various activities in the camp were excellently organised by the coordinators Ms. Chitra Gupta and Ms. ShilpiChauhan. For classes III to VI, the day started with physical exercise in the form of Yoga, under the guidance of Dr. Bhupendra Agnihotri, an expert in Yoga and Naturopathy as well as a dietician. However, for classes I and II, the day began with Zumba. Following Yoga and Zumba, the students dispersed to their respective venues for the activities of their preference. Dance teacher Mr. Vikas Sharma was invited over the period of Summer Camp to train the students opting Contemporary Dance. The schedule for the day also included a 20 minutes Snack Time. Medical amenities were also available at all times for emergency.

A special two day event was organised for the Grandparents of all the students on 22nd and 23rd of May 2019, wherein they were invited to visit the school and witness and experience the joy of their grandchildren while they participated in the various activities. 89 grandparents graced this special event. Few activities were also planned for them while they were on the go. The grandparents were overwhelmed to see the students learn many skills such as when they were welcomed and escorted by the students of Personality Development, were offered snacks by the students from Cooking Without Fire, heard the students in the band perform uniformly, ‘mehendi’ being applied on their hands,to see students beat the heat while swimming etc. The grandparents were mesmerized with the overall interactive event for the students and provided their valuable feedback such as mentioned below:

  • The Summer Camp was very nice and innovative. We enjoyed a lot seeing kids performing.
    — Mr. Ravi Shankar Sharma
  • DilKhush Activities
    — Mrs. Archana Bhargava
  • Children participated enthusiastically and enjoyed a lot. Overall good management of interesting activities and excellent infrastructure.
    — Mr. Ashwani Kumar Mittal

The culmination of Summer Camp took place on 24th May 2019 with lots zeal and enthusiasm. The Vice Principal of Delhi Public School Aligarh Sir SharadAgrawal solemnized the ceremony. The Vice Principal Sir SharadAgrawal appreciated the overall fervor and the performances of the campers. The Headmistress Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj applauded the students for their praiseworthy performance and their participation through out the camp. She also extended her gratitude towards the management for their support in having the camp organised. The highlight of the event was a video presentation showcasing the camp and the campers in a nutshell.

Some students shared their experience of Summer Camp such as:

  • “We developed new skills in Pottery Class by getting hands on experience while making clay pots, flowers vases, planters etc. We also decorated and coloured our handiworks. It was so much fun.” — Riddhi Gupta (Class VI B)
  • “In Taekwondo, I learnt so many things such as round kick, flying kick, making of human pyramids, gymnastics, etc. I enjoyed it a lot.”
    –Khushi Sharma (Class VII B)
  • “It was a unique venue for growth and it allowed me to become independent and self-confident while socializing and making new friends and even learning new skills.”
    –Vashishtha Raj Gautam (Class III B)
  • “I was happy to be a part of Personality Development where I learnt socializing skills in a fun-filled way.”
    –Rananjay Singh Rana (Class I A)

Upon dispersal, the campers left the premises with a smile on their face as they contemplated on their achievements and carried the camp memorabilia in their hearts.

Prep Graduation Ceremony 2018-19

Graduation is an exciting time. It is both an ending and a beginning. It is warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future.

Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing organized a Graduation Ceremony for the students of class Pre Primary on 12th March 2019. Mr. I.P.S. Solanki, (PES) Assistnat Director Basic Education DIET, Aligarh, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Vice Principal of Delhi Public School Aligarh Mr. Sharad Agarwal and Headmistress Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj along with the Senior Mistresses Ms. Ankur Pathak and Ms. Shalini Jain officiated the ceremony.

The eventful day started with the ceremonial lamp lighting by the Chief Guest Mr. I.P.S. Solanki and Headmistress Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj. Headmistress ma’am welcomed the gathering and inspired the students with her words of wisdom. The students of Class II performed a melodious and harmonious Orchestra presentation. Garvit Maheshwari and Rananjay Singh Rana of Class Prep B proudly shared their feelings on being graduated. A beautiful song presentation was put forward by the choir group of Class I.

The most important part of the day- Graduation Ceremony began with the tiny tots of Prep A dressed in Graduation robes and caps walking on the stage. The Headmistress and the Chief Guest felicitated the students with certificates of graduation. The little angels of class Playgroup and Nursery danced on a peppy number. Thereafter the Certificates were distributed to class Prep B. Karthik Kunwar, Yogit Kumar of Class Prep A and Vanya Maheshwari of Prep B also shared their feelings of joy and memories made in their pre-primary classes. A beautiful song was presented by the Graduating students. A few of the parents such as Madam Neha Harkut parent of Arsh Harkut and Madam Aarti Maheshwari mother of Vanya Maheshwari also spoke about their experience at Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing.

To conclude, in his address the Chief Guest, Mr. I.P.S. Solanki advised the parents to be patient with children and lead them by example. His words of wisdom enlightened the audience. Shanaya Sharma of Class Prep A presented the Vote of thanks. It was indeed a joyous and memorable day for the little ones as they received their Graduation Certificates from the guests.

Inter-School Math Quiz ‘π – Day’ 2018-19

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: It is about UNDERSTANDING.

Quiz competitions help students to think from a different perspective. It also promotes many good qualities like teamwork, problem solving skills, time management, patience etc. Therefore, to assess the mathematical skills, proficiency and aptitude of the students, an exhilarating Inter-School Math Quiz entitled ‘π – Day’ was held in Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing for the students of Classes III to V on 19th January 2019, in the school premises. Four students from different schools of Aligarh namely Krishna International School, D.P.S. Aligarh, Junior Wing and Vishwa Bharti Public School participated in the competition. There were 4 teams in all named as Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Theta.

The Quiz was superbly organised by the team from Person Education under the guidance of Mr. Krishnan. A dynamic personality Mr. Shuborno Chakroborty who has been conducting workshops on Mathematics popularization, Creative Thinking, Classroom Management, Experiential Learning and Leadership for Pearson Education was the Quiz Master for the day.

The benign guests from Pearson Education were welcomed with a sapling. Ms. Puja Bhargava, the Incharge of Mathematics Department at Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing welcomed all the participants and briefly introduced the Quiz Master. The quiz began with a lot of anticipation and excitement. The entire quiz was divided into three rounds. The first round was a General Round followed by the second round which was MCQ based and the third round was a Buzzer Round. During the quiz, the questions were displayed through PPT and were keenly contested. All the Mathematics teachers of Math’s Department at Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing assisted during the quiz. Amongst the audience were the teachers, few students of Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing and from the other participating schools.

Overall, it was a well organized and informative quiz. The questions posed to the teams tested every aspect of their knowledge if math so far, both comprehension and application of concepts. The students not only rose to the challenges posed with dexterity but equally enjoyed doing so.

The competition among the teams was very tough but in the end, the most exciting, thrilling and evenly contested battle was won by the students of Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing which stood at the 1st and 2nd position with an outstanding performance. The 3rd position was bagged by the students of Krishna International School.

The Quiz Master Mr. Shuborno Chakroborty had been very organized as he conducted the quiz. He kept his calm and motivated the students frequently. He approached the children with great enthusiasm and pacified the students positively for any incorrect answer given.

Trophies were awarded to the winners of the quiz and Certificates were distributed to all the participants. Headmistress Ma’am Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj applauded the participants. She inspired the students to participate in such competitions in future as well to keep their knowledge up-to-date. Ms. Charu Paliwal from Math’s Department rendered a vote of thanks. It was a great learning experience for the students as they enjoyed the quiz very much.


Adventure Camp is an event that offers a welcoming, lively, safe, positive, and diverse environment where children gain confidence and build self-esteem. Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing organized a fun-filled Day Adventure camp for Classes I to III and Day-Night Adventure Camp for Classes IV to VI at the premises of Delhi Public School Aligarh, Civil Lines on 19th and 20th March 2018 respectively. The Camp was exclusively designed and managed by RAN Tourista.

The camp was declared open by the Principal of DPS Civil Lines Ms. Raina Krishnatray. The students were briefed about the precautions to be taken during the camp and were divided into smaller groups with an instructor and two teachers. The students then assembled for breakfast to energize themselves for the long and challenging day ahead of them. Sumptuous meals were also served to all the students in a timely manner. Refreshments were served to them after the completion of all the activities for the day. Facilities for the basic medical aids were available at the Camp Site at all times.

Day Adventure Camp
There were 65 students from Class I to III escorted by 6 teachers who attended the Day Adventure Camp. The students were full of zeal and enthusiasm during the camp.
The activities featured in the Day Camp were:

  1. Obstacles: Tunnel, Crawl Net, Tyre Traverse, Port Hole, Alligator Walk, Leap of Faith, Zig-Zag beams, Tea Pea Shuffle, Horizontal Ladder.
  2. High Rope Adventures (Burma Bridge, Commando Bridge, Cross Net)
  3. Low Rope Adventures (Parallel Rope)
  4. Commando Board/ Commando Net, Flying Fox, Rappelling.

The students were too excited to participate in all the activities. The little ones managed to cross obstacles such as the Burma Bridge quite confidently. Throughout the day the students actively indulged in various activities and wished the day didn’t end.

Towards the end of the day, the students assembled for the awarding of certificates for participation in all the events of the camp. The Vice Principal of DPS Civil Lines Mr. Chandra Shekhar Sharma along with the Senior Mistress of DPS Civil Lines Ms. Hemlina Panwar awarded the certificates to the students. Thus, the Day Campers dispersed at 5:30 p.m. with lots of memories to cherish throughout their life.

Overnight Adventure Camp
There were 37 students who had participated in Overnight Adventure Camp accompanied by 8 teachers. One could clearly see the energy running in the veins of all the enthusiastic students who were all set and ready to face the challenges ahead of them.
The activities featured in the Overnight Adventure Camp were:

  1. Fun Games – Copy Cat, Fill the Bucket.
  2. Balancing, Roller Tank, Ladder Golf, Pipes and Marbles, Acid River
  3. Obstacles: Leap of Faith, Crawl Net, Zig-zag beams, Tyre Traverse, Tunnel, Tee- Pee Shuffle, Horizontal Ladder
  4. Adventure Zone: High Rope (Burma Bridge, Cross Net), Low Rope (Parallel Rope, Boson Rope) and Higher Up Adventures (Rappelling, Flying Fox, Vertical Ladder)

These activities helped to strengthen teamwork and personal accomplishment. Finally, the day was indeed well spent as the campers were exposed to a variety of challenging and exciting activities.

They energetically completed the activities and no task was left undone.

Post dinner, special arrangements were made for Bon Fire, music and dance. The students enjoyed singing and dancing under the night sky by the fire. Following this, the students retired to their tents for a good night sleep after a long and fun-filled day.

The next morning started off with exercise to freshen up the students for yet another exigent day ahead. After having their breakfast, the young campers set out to conquer the remaining of the challenges. The amount of energy and enthusiasm exhibited by students was enthralling.

After the Lunchtime, the students participated in some interesting fun-games like Tug of War, Filling the bucket with balls, etc. The students assembled as the time of dispersal drew near. All the adventurers were awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Principal of DPS Civil Lines Ms. Raina Krishnatray, Vice Principal of DPS Civil Lines Mr. Chandra Shekhar Sharma along with the Senior Mistress of DPS Civil Lines Ms. Hemlina Panwar after they completed the module successfully and bid farewell to the campers as they left. The students dispersed for their homes at around 3:00 p.m. Overall it was a joyful and enriching experience.

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