Summer Camp Session 2017 – 18


A ten day summer camp was organized in Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing, for the students of Classes I to VI from 15th May 2017 to 26th May 2017. With a wide variety of activities ranging from band, taekwondo, basketball, football, table tennis, cricket, gardening, pottery, art and craft, dance, music, public speaking and cooking without fire the camp provided ample opportunities for the students to learn various skills and utilize their time fruitfully. The timings for the same were 8:30 am to 11:30 am.

The camp began every morning with an enjoyable and healthy yoga, aerobics and zumba dance session for a healthy beginning. There were two sessions for the students – one for sports and the other which included a choice from the other activities. Students had a wonderful time playing the game of their choice with their school friends. The teachers guided and instructed the students thereby getting fully involved in the games. The next session, students were trained in various activities which ranged from band, art and craft, dance, music, public speaking and cooking without fire, by their respective teachers.

Dance included fusion-contemporary with classical for students of classes IV-VII and prop dance for students from I-III. Music activities included instrumental and vocal music. In Art and Craft activity, students were taught canvas and fabric painting, craft work with clay on CD’s and melamine plates.

Various delicacies were prepared in the Cooking Without Fire activity. Yummy mocktails, chaats, sweet dishes with biscuits, icecream, coconut were taught to make without using fire.

The students gained confidence to speak in English in front of public in the Public Speaking activity.

Apart from these activities there were two other compulsory activities too- pottery and gardening. For pottery, students were taught to make different articles like piggy bank, earthen lamps and small containers with clay. Students as well as teachers enthusiastically watched the potter turning clay into various shapes with the help of a potter’s wheel. The students were made to appreciate the value of plants and trees in the gardening segment. Every student planted a sapling in the garden of the school.

We also had teachers from senior wing who gave useful tips to students from various activities like table tennis and art and craft. Ms. Pooja Arora, parent of one of our students taught some tasty dishes in the cooking without fire activity.

A special cricket match was arranged on 23rd May 2017 for the fathers of summer camp participants. A rangoli competition was arranged for the mothers of art and craft activity on 25th May 2017. A day was kept aside for children to buy delicacies from stalls specially arranged for them and learn the art of spending money wisely.

The camp came to an end on 26th May 2017 with a closing ceremony where students of different activities showcased their talents. Dr. Asha Rathi, renowned gynaecologist and social activist was the chief guest for the event. The Principal of our school, Ms. Pallavi Upadhyay also graced the occasion. She was impressed by the works of art and craft and delicacies prepared by the children. The headmistress of the school Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj gave the camp report. The students gave excellent presentations of music, taekwondo, dance along with the experiences shared by public speaking students two of whom-Janesh Kumar and Saksham Thakur who also ably handled the compering.

The chief guest applauded the school’s effort in giving exposure to the students to shape their personality. She gave away the certificates of participation to all the participants of the summer camp. All in all the response was overwhelming with about 372 students enjoying each and every moment of the camp.

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