To mark the day when constitutional monarchy came to be established in France, every year the day of 14th July is celebrated as Bastille Day. In Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing too the students of French language organized a special assembly on that day this year. The comparing was ably done by Ishaan Singh and Aadya of Class VI. Riya Singh of Class VI presented a beautiful thought. The news headlines was read out by Shreyash Saxena of Class VI. Mansi Pathak of Class VI asked some General Knowledge Questions related to the theme. Kratika Chandel of Class VI gave a heart whelming speech. To wind up the assembly Vrinda Agarwal recited a beautiful poem. The Headmistress, Ms. Bhardwaj congratulated everyone for their wonderful efforts.


“World Population Day” a day of great concern in the world scenario, was celebrated in Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing on 11 July 2017. A assembly was conducted by the students of class III to emphasize the importance of this day. Students presented interesting facts, G.K. questions and inspiring thoughts on rising population. Various ill effects of rapidly increasing world population were displayed by raising placards by the students. Head Mistress Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj told students that being large in number is not a problem if we maintain a quality. So we must ensure to provide basic amenities to people and make them cultured, healthy and employed.


“I got to grow up with a mother who taught me to believe in me”

Mother’s Day is observed every year on the second Sunday in May. It is a time to honor mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers for their contribution to family and society. It is a great opportunity to say thanks for all the wonderful things our mothers do for us. It is a day to celebrate and show gratitude and respect to our guardian angels.

Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing organized a special programme on Mother’s Day on 12th May 2017. It was time of awe and amazement as the students of Ravi House presented a special assembly on the occasion.

The assembly was anchored by Rohan Bansal of Class V. A beautiful thought was presented by Nitya Sadani of Class VI. Riyaan Upadhyay of Class VI updated all with the current affairs while delivering the news headlines. Tanmay Gupta of Class III asked some interesting questions to the students and the teachers. Some very interesting facts related to Mother’s Day were brought to notice by Ishaan Singh of Class VI. Maryam Mansoor of Class V in her speech highlighted the importance of mothers in our lives.

A beautiful song ‘Jab Chot kabhi mere lag jati thi’ was beautifully sung by Vrinda Agarwal of Class V and her group. The highlight of the assembly was a mesmerizing and heart rending dance drama presented by the students to show the sacrifices of a mother and her emotional bonding with her child.

It was an emotional moment when the song ‘Meri Maa’ was played. All had tears of happiness and joy in their eyes. It was a moment which would be treasured eternally.

Mother’s love is unconditional. To celebrate this day of love, the children also did a hands-on activity, where they made lovely cards and beautiful works of craft and took them home as a surprise to their mothers.


On 5th May 2017, an interesting and informative Special Assembly was presented by Ganga House on the occasion of Red Cross Day. Red Cross Day which is celebrated the world over on 8th May each year, is a time to remember the efforts of the Red Cross Society in uniting this world as one in their service to mankind.

The compares for the day Namya Rathi of Class VI A and Aadyam Saxena of Class V B confidently lead out the assembly. A very interesting thought of the day was presented by Rajat Sharma of Class IV B. Riddhi Gupta undated the assembly with the news headlines and interesting facts based on Red Cross Day was taken up by Sanidhya Upadhyaya of Class V A. An exhilarating Speech was presented by Shreyash Saxena of Class VI A who spoke on the solemnity and importance of the day.

A few students from different classes spoke about the objectives of Red Cross Society highlighted by banners. After giving out enough information to the students, few General Knowledge question were asked based on Red Cross by Akansha Singh of Class VI C. A dance presentation entitled “The Power of Humanity” highlighted the objectives of Red Cross Society.

To wind it up, Siddhi Agarwal of Class III B gave a very informative presentation on “What is meant by First Aid?” and the contents of a First Aid Box. Arush Godani of Class IV A led the assembly in taking a pledge for all to be actively involved in helping the mankind in every way possible.

Over all it was an interesting assembly with lots of information for the young minds to absorb and retain in their minds forever.


“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” — Jane Goodall

The family of DPS Aligarh, Junior Wing celebrated “The Earth Day” on 21st April 2017. With the humble aim of generating awareness amongst the students, the Chenab house of DPS Junior Wing proudly presented a wonderful morning assembly which was an ode to Mother Earth in its truest sense. In her introductory message the Headmistress of our school- Ms. Bhavna Bhardawaj requested all the students to be responsible towards Mother Earth. The special assembly was hosted by Aadya of Class VI. The thought of the day was presented by Dhwani Varshney of Class VI. Saksham Jain of Class V brought the latest in news to the assembly in a much focused tone. The participants of Chenab House also provided the assembly with some very interesting facts which was presented by Sanidhya Khare of Class V. Bhumika Singh of Class VI asked some very interesting questions to set the minds at work. Daksh Mishra of Class VI very strongly and positively presented his views on “Saving Mother Earth” in the form of speech. Students took a pledge to incorporate the three R’s –‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ in their daily routines in an effort to save our planet.

The air was filled with spiritual vibes as the children chanted the bhoomimantra. It is of utmost importance to take a stand now to save our mother Earth from pollution, population explosion, global warming etc. This message was explicitly portrayed in a dance presented by the students of Chenab House set to the tune of song ‘Na Kato Mujhe Bada Dukhta Hai’  The assembly ended with the students displaying placards showing the ways to protect the earth.

Various activities were organized for the special day which included tree plantation, poster and collage making and beautiful craft activities. The overall message conveyed through the various activities is to join our hands together on this auspicious day to make our Earth a better place to live in for the present and future generations.


An orientation programme was held on 20th April 2017 in D.P.S. Aligarh, Junior Wing for the new parents of all children enrolled in the session 2017-18. The purpose of this event was to share information regarding the working environment of the school and about making the parents aware of the system and feel a part of our DPS family.

The session was started with a welcome speech by the Head Mistress Ma’am Ms. Bhavana Bharadwaj.

The programme had three phases .The first phase was conducted by Ms. Neema Saraswat wherein all apprehensions and fear of students coming to a new school, all expectations of school from child and parent and expectations of parent from school were discussed. She also made parents aware about the school policies and its salient features.

Second phase was conducted by Ms. Nishtha Jain in which she showcased glimpses of different function and activities held in school and how it is used to develop different managerial skills in the students and also help in overall grooming of child.

In third phase the changed examination system was explained by Ms. Pooja Bhargava. She discussed the examination criteria separately for classes playgroup-class II and III to class VI.

It was quite an interactive session in which parents had taken part enthusiastically. Queries were also answered by the Headmistress Ma’am.


“Rang Rangeela” – a galaevent was organized by Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing on 8th March 2017 for the parents of the students belonging to Class II. The programme was organized with the purpose of educating the parents with respect to the transition from Class II to Class III that their children would soon face. The programme also aimed at sharing the essence of the festival of Holi with the parents i.e. the mothers of the students who were invited to be present in traditional costumes. The day also being Woman’s Day evoked a spirit of womanhood and pride in the hearts of all.

The comparers Ms. Rashmi Upadhyay and Ms. Sunita Agarwal excellently walked the audience through the various events of the day. Some teachers of the school presented a special number- a song entitled “Hum Sab Bhartiya Hai”. Head Mistress Ma’am Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj spoke about the responsibilities of the parents and teachers towards a successful transition of the students from Class II to Class III where they will be introduced to an array of changes i.e. introduction of assessment, different subject teachers etc. She highlighted that the duty sets on our shoulders to help the students adopt and cope well with the new curriculum for their betterment.

The parents were also involved in different presentations. The students of Class II presented a beautiful folk lore about Holi. They looked beautiful dressed in coloured attires that shone like a rainbow. Some fun activities were also conducted by Ms. Poonam Chaturvedi and Ms. Pooja Bhargava to lighten the mood. The parents enjoyed the activities and were very appreciative of the entire day’sprogramme. The parents were presented with a sapling as a token of appreciation. To conclude some of the parents were called on the stage to speak about their experiences. They were very happy and narrated their wonderful experience at DPS and how they were proud of educating their children in such a prestigious institution.