DPS Aligarh endeavors to build up an ambience of reverence for education & a healthy environment has brought the school among the best schools in India.
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International School Award (2016 – 2019)

ISA Activity

The British Council International School Award (ISA) is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for:
a. Nurturing global citizenship in young people
b. Enriching teaching and learning

ISA is a leadership challenge and fosters teambuilding, innovation, and project management. Putting together the Action Plan and the Portfolio of evidence encourages collaboration and critical thinking. Keeping the staff motivated and enthusiastic through the year puts the head teacher and ISA coordinator’s leadership skills to test. There is little doubt that good leadership is second only to good teaching in raising standards in schools

ISA allows learning to end on a positive note with the head teacher and the ISA team receiving individual certificates from the British Council when the school achieves the award. Achieving the award is not the end of the journey. The schools and teachers involved in ISA may remain engaged with the British Council programmes beyond the assessment year.

DPS Aligarh has registered with the British Council to provide a platform to its students to realised the international and global learning. ISA (International School Award) is one of the major step into the direction.

We are working on our action plan to meet the benchmark in order to get this award.

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Action Plan
1 Living Sustainably Collaborative) Class V & VI April-May & July (2 Months)
2 Let’s Tune Into Seasons (Collaborative) Classes NUR & Prep August & September
3 The Story of Fiber (In House) Class VIII April-May & July (2 Months)
4 Culture 7 Religion : Unity In Diversity (In House) Class III & IV July & August
5 Pioneers of Independence (In House) Class XI October & November
6 Our Teachers, Our Livelihood (Collaborative) Classes VII & IX October to December
7 A day in the life of our school (Online) Classes I & II April to December
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Fashion Show

Lock Factory Visit

A day in the Life of our School

An exploration of a typical day in our school, creating an impression of school life in all its aspects from Class 1 and 2 students’ and teachers’ points of view. In collaboration with our partner school in London, we are creating a colourful online blog, video diaries, as well as a special focus on students’ favourite aspect of school life through drawing and writing.

Living Sustainably

An exciting journey with our partner school for Classes 5 an 6, exploring how to keep our schools and local area more sustainable, and understand the vital part we play in the health of the planet. From making energy consumption surveys in our respective schools to making models of alternative sources of energy, students are collaborating with their British peers to advise each other on how to live more sustainably.

Let’s Tune into Seasons

In collaboration with our UK partner school, Nursery and Prep students are learning about the different seasons in each other’s country through reciting poetry and rhyme in English, Hindi and Arabic, and exchanging video performances with their British peers.

Our Land, Our Country

In collaboration with our partner school, Class 6 students are focusing on exploring the physical geography of India and the UK, with special reference to land formations. From research, analysis to creating PowerPoint presentations and physical models of land formations, students are gaining knowledge whilst broadening a range of skills.

Our Trades, Our Livelihood

Together with our British peers, Class 7 and 9 students are comparing each other’s local trades and their social, cultural and economic aspects on a local, national and international level. From undertaking research, preparing questionnaires, to interviewing employees in their locality, students are discovering and reflecting on the similarities and differences between their respective countries.

Culture and Religion: Unity in Diversity

An in-house project studying the diversities in religions/culture related to popular harvest/religious festivals in India, Indonesia, the Philippines and the UK. Through research, craft work and dance performances, Class 3 and 4 students are learning to appreciate the unity in the diversity of traditional values.

Pioneers of Independence

An in-house project examining the lives of famous personalities and their contribution to freedom struggles in India, South Africa, Russia, China, Vietnam and the USA. Through research and a subsequent declamation competition, students from Class 11 are enhancing their skills and learning to appreciate and draw inspiration from the lives of these pioneers.

The Story of Fibre

An in-house project for Class 8 to research the historical and geographical origins of different fibres such as silk, jute, wool, and cotton from China, Egypt, India and Iran. A presentation of their findings will be shared with their peers in an assembly, together with a fashion show depicting the evolution of fabric.

For further information, please visit https://schoolsonline.britishcouncil.org