• Biology Lab of Delhi Public School Aligarh is a modern infrastructure providing a broadrange of biological techniques with in depth practical training offered by experiencedstaff. All modern amenities are provided to cater needs of students. The students get afirst-hand experience of the practical side of Biology. The lab is in fact a base for buddingscientists, a place where they can put their innovative ideas and thoughts into practice.The teaching faculty and the laboratory assistants are ever ready to guide the studentsin their endeavours.

    • Lab is well ventilated and is made as per the CBSE norms.
    • All safety measures and procedures are followed.
    • Proper fire supply, fire detection and protection system are available.
    • All modern equipment’s to conduct the practical are present.
    • Modern computer technology is provided for their ease.
    • At a time only 25 students can be accommodated to conduct practical easily.
    • Lab assistants and attendants always assist the teachers during practical.
    • Audio visual aids are available with smart board, DHP etc.
    • DO’s and Don’ts are properly displayed.
    • First aid facility is always available as and when required.
    • Students are given enough opportunity to enhance their talents in science bymaking models, charts, projects etc.
    • Regular science exhibitions, quizzers etc. are also conducted.
    • Laboratory is a workplace for conducting scientific research. The purpose of chemistry lab is multi-fold. It reinforces the material you have learned in class and give a chance to apply your knowledge. Chemistry lab in DPS is well designed, well organised and have following features
    • Impervious and chemically resistant work surface.
    • Sinks
    • Eye wash station
    • A fire detection and protection system.
    • Selective laboratory apparatus ranging from simple to complex depending on use
    • Proper ventilation
    • Modular laboratory furnishing
  • It is strange that only extraordinary men make the discoveries, which later appear so easy and simple

    Situated in the school science lab is very well equipped and well lit and can accommodate 40-50 students at a time. The specimens, apparatus and chemicals are available to the students for hands on experience. The students of classes III- X perform experiments and activities related to their lessons. The school science lab is a place for learning, experimenting, exploring and relating theory to practical learning. It gives an opportunity to young minds to satisfy their science related curiosities.

  • Delhi Public School Aligarh is proud to have a sophisticated Physics Laboratory with the latest state-of-the art facilities that equip the students to have hands on experience. The lab is quite spacious and very well ventilated to ensure proper availability of light in it. The pin-boards on each wall are decorated with very suitable charts, maps, illustrations and quotes. Models, made by the students, are exhibited all around the lab. The laboratory is equipped with the equipment ranges from the commonly found lens, magnet, beam balance, spring balance, glass prism to the advanced apparatus like voltmeter, ammeter and resistors and spectrometers to name a few. This laboratory generates and sustain interest in the study of PHYSICS with practical knowledge by motivating our students of class IV to XII to ensure divergent scientific thinking.

  • To develop interest in maths, we have a well-equipped Maths lab named Aryabhatta Room. In Aryabhatta Room we have many Jodogyan kits for fractions, decimals, maan cards for large numbers, tengrams, rangometry, geo boards, wooden puzzles, etc. Where students enjoy maths and learn by doing and they wait for their maths lab period.

  • The Social Science Laboratory at Delhi Public School, Aligarh is entitled as 'AKASH GANGA'. It is a well sophisticated learning place for the students of Social Sciences focusing geographical studies.TheAkash Ganga is helpful in enhancing the knowledge of students in the fields of Physical and Human Geographies.This laboratory is in function consisting of a variety of maps, globes, charts, 3D models and display boards for demonstration. Moreover, Akash Ganga provides a platform to the students for interactive and interpretative learning.

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